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Newcomer's Guide

Elevation - 1980 ft., Acreage - 434,560, Square Miles - 679

LOCATION: On Interstate 40, 30 Miles from Cookeville to the West, 120 miles from Nashville to the West, 74 miles from Chattanooga to the south & 75 miles from Knoxville to the East.

CLIMATE: Annual Average Temperature - 54; Average Monthly Highs: Jan. 39, July 82; Average Monthly Lows: Jan. 21, July 64. Annual Average Precipitation 52 inches.

POPULATION: 1997 1998 1999 (est.)
Cumberland County 42,200 43,400 44,291
Crossville 10,300
Lake Tansi 1,057 1,132 1,200
Fairfield Glade 3,821 4,003 4,200



UTILITIES: City Water & Sewer 484-5016
County Water & Sewer
Catoosa Water Utility District 277-5126
Lantana Water Utility District 788-2612
Crab Orchard Water Utility District 484-6987
Pleasant Hill Water Utility District 277-5376
Electricity- Volunteer Electric Co-op 484-3527
Natural Gas- Middle Tennessee Natural Gas 484-2067
Propane Gas 
Cumberland LP Gas 484-0050
AmeriGas Propane LP 484-7575


  • Frontier, a Citizens Communications Company     1-800-921-8101
  • Eloqui Wireless       456-0037
  • Verizon Wireless     484-8840
  • Cingular Wireless    707-7887
  • East Tennessee Wireless    484-7001
  • Yebo! Wireless        456-7001


Fire, Police, Rescue Squad 911
City Police Department 484-7231
County Sheriff's Department 484-6176
Fairfield Emergency Number  484-1110
Lake Tansi Security  788-6388

Tennessee Department of Employment Security 484-4651

POST OFFICE  240 Old Jamestown Hwy 484-6521

BOARD OF EDUCATION  756 Stanley St. 4848-6135

ART CIRCLE LIBRARY 1 54 East First St. 484-6790

CITY HALL  99 Municipal Ave. 484-5113

VOTERS REGISTRATION  Election Commission Office 484-4919

DRIVERS' LICENSES   75 Birchwood Lane  484-1360

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Crossville and Cumberland County is a community dedicated to the well-being of its citizens. The happiness of every person of Crossville and Cumberland County is essential to the growth of Crossville. From premier medical facilities to great schools, Crossville is a great place to live and work. Not only is Crossville "The Golf Capital of Tennessee," it is home to parks, museums, entertainment and shopping centers, making Crossville a priority tourist destination. From the beautiful scenery, to some of the best golf courses in the south; whether you are visiting or relocating, Crossville is right for you. Crossvilleonline is here to be your guide and friend. Crossville and Cumberland County is a great place to make a new life, and have enjoyment in everything you do.

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